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Press tile machine daily maintenance

Time:2021-03-04 Author:NAI SI Cold Bending Machine Article Source:This site Click on:96次

Press tile machine equipment using better automatic control software, so that the performance of the automation system is more superior, Caigang tile equipment also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, Caigang tile machine equipment mold change is easy, etc. Grey tile press equipment manual, before the equipment application, to review the various join is stable, installation of bolts and nuts are tight, tile press about the case should be smooth add sufficient oil, power electricity and thoughts for commissioning, caigang equipment first empty running carefully examine, presence of shock, noise, caigang watts equipment machine before and after two lines from the big four really high amount at the top of the shaft is consistent, and then a line from the former to the latter, tile press to find a line straight, check, whether the shaft on a straight line, under the shaft into left and right sides.

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