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Company Culture

Enterprise purpose:to make excellent products and provide honest service.

Enterprise spirit:"Unity and hard work,benevolence and dedication;pioneering and innovative,dare to serve the world."


"Unity"is the basic guiding ideology for the good development of an enterprise.Through communication,coordination,cooperation,and creating a fair and just good corporate environment,a situation of unity and unanimity is formed.

"Struggle"must be accurate at work,in the completion of tasks,there must be a heroic feeling of"not being a hero without the Great Wall",and the heroic spirit of"not bowing,not admitting defeat,wiping tears,and holding on."In terms of actual phased goals,encourage moderate overtime and oppose wasteful exaggeration.

"Benevolence"people have"human nature",and a company is composed of people and naturally possesses human nature.So what is the"nature"of corporate culture?In fact,the"nature"of corporate culture is people-oriented.But what exactly is"people-oriented"and"humanized management"?Through a perfect care system,let employees feel the respect,help and care of the company for themselves,so that employees love the company,love their work,and love the company as at home.Retaining good employees is the wealth of a company.

"Dedication"people-oriented is to make the benefits of every employee visible under the conditions.The premise is that there is such a"condition",which is not innate.It is created by every employee of the company.Everyone works hard(work)to dedicate their talents and strength to the enterprise to create this condition so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

"Pioneering and innovation"Pioneering innovation is the soul of enterprise development.Through the development of a wide range of activities and staff rationalization suggestions,all employees can be innovated;through the modernization,informatization and standardization of management concepts and methods;and cooperation through extensive external exchanges and cooperation A win-win situation.

"Dare to be the world"Dare to be the world is the source of career success,we must dare to learn,dare to practice innovation.It is necessary to learn and adapt in change,generate and develop in adaptation,and regard the daring to actively learn and innovate as a kind of work ability.Any employee of the company has and should have the spirit of daring to the world in relation to the ever-changing market and the relationship with the same industry.

The core value concept of the enterprise:Satisfy customers,reassure shareholders,and make employees happy.

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