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Advantages of using color steel tile press

Time:2021-03-04 Author:NAI SI Cold Bending Machine Article Source:This site Click on:104次

In order to adapt to the two layers of the product,the cutting die also has two heights,and the product processing equipment behind the cutting die must be adjusted up and down to adapt to the exit height of the two plates.

In order to meet the need to form two sections on a limited site area and be able to change products,the double-layer rolling mill of the tile press(double-layer color steel tile forming machine,double-layer integrated equipment)has also been designed and manufactured.The steel tile forming machine changes between high or low racks,producing a contoured color steel plate installed on the low rack,and producing another plate type roll installed on the high rack.The production line has a decoiler.A cutting press,if the color plate is fed to the low-layer rolls,it will form a plate shape(such as a flat house with a laminated plate),such as the rolls are fed to the high-rise rolls,and another section(layered panel)is formed.

Double-layer color steel tile press,the appearance of this kind of equipment can save space,the time to replace two kinds of plates has also become shorter,and the output rate has also been improved.At the same time,it is difficult to install auxiliary rollers due to relative crowding.It is difficult to adjust and check the molding condition.

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