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The production problems and solutions of the color steel tile press

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1.Production principle of color steel tile equipment

Answer:The color steel tile pressing machine is mainly composed of a pressing roller die+a shearing system+a computer controller.The color steel sheet is transversely bent by multiple pressing rollers,pre-pressed and formed,and then computer controlled and automatically cut after forming.

2.The cutting method of the color steel plate pressing machine.

Answer:Fully automatic computer control,after the length is set,hydraulic drive die cutting.

3.What should I do if the production speed of the color steel tile pressing machine is slow?

Answer:Different machine configurations have different production speeds.Our company can provide a variety of color steel tile machine production solutions,and there is always one suitable for you.

4.Can a color steel tile press machine produce a variety of different tile types?

Answer:Yes,it can be used for double-layer and three-layer color steel tile pressing equipment,or on the basis of ordinary trapezoidal color steel tiles,it can be converted into a multi-model tile press that can process glazed tiles and ordinary trapezoidal tiles.

5.What's the matter with the galvanized sheet processed by the color steel tile pressing machine,there will be wavy edges after forming?How to change?

Answer:Ordinary tile pressing machine cannot process galvanized sheet,because the material and color steel tile are different,the strength of the sheet is also different.Therefore,after the general color steel tile pressing machine processes the galvanized sheet,there will be wavy edges on both sides,so processing The pressing equipment of galvanized sheet and the processing technology of the pressing roller mold should be changed,and a set of side shaping wheels are added after forming,the effect of the plate will be much better.

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