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Color steel tile processing equipment-double-layer tile press

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With the popularization and application of color steel tile equipment,many large industrial and mining plants,warehouses,steel structure roof trusses and large equipment now generally use color steel tile(color steel plate),and glass-style color steel equipment,which makes my life building The appearance is more colorful,beautiful and neat.These color steel tiles are formed by pressing through the tile press equipment,and the color steel plates enter the tile press equipment,and are pressed into various plates through various forming press rollers,and then cut and processed into suitable plates that can be used..

The configuration of the tile press generally includes the feeder,the forming wheel,the motor,and the frequency converter.It depends on whether the electrical control system is produced by a regular manufacturer,because every production link must be controlled and completed by it.

The equipment of the double-layer tile machine is economical and economical,and the two types of equipment can be combined into one,which saves floor space,and the equipment cost of the double-layer tile machine is much lower than that of two single-layer machines.

The equipment of the double-layer laminated tile machine adopts Delta electrical appliances and uses an electronic control system with a text screen display,which is easy to operate and easy to use.The color steel equipment also has the advantages of operation,maintenance,maintenance,mechanical debugging,and easy mold replacement.

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