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Color steel press tile machine basic knowledge

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Caigang tile press machine is mainly composed of left and right body,bottom connecting rod,top case cover,sliding seat,six wheel,belt pulley,gear mechanism,groove wheel mechanism,CAM mechanism,lubrication pump,oil system,electronic control department,etc.The machine upper die stamping process:by the electric idea through the belt pulley,drive the input shaft,the pinion,the big gear,drive the upper shaft,through a set of CAM mechanism to drive the sliding seat equipped with the upper die up and down movement,to achieve tile pressing.The transposition of the worktable is mounted on the shaft end of the gear group,the transmission pin gear,toggle installed in the six rotary wheel on the grooves to achieve indexing positioning,at both ends of the shaft are equipped with a CAM and installed on the unified shaft and the suppression of the CAM conjugate back CAM,through the positioning rod and positioning plate to achieve the positioning of the lower die in the working position.In the left and right sides of the case,installed with a lubricating pump,the machine works through the oil pipe to the friction parts of the movement of lubricating oil.

Automatic tile press will be equipped with a lubrication system.When the machine is running,it will automatically lubricate all bearing parts,transmission gear mechanism,motion guide rail and other parts.

Colored steel plate products produced by tile press manufacturers are widely used in building household appliances and transportation industries.For the construction industry,they are mainly used in steel structure factory buildings,airports,warehouses and refrigeration and other industrial and commercial buildings,such as roof walls and doors.In recent years,the demand for colored steel plate for civil buildings is increasing.

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