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Color steel plate tile press: common failures in the process of using the machine

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Color steel plate tile press:common failures in the process of using the machine

1.How to deal with the phenomenon of running through the machine in the process of use:

①Check whether the horizontal sides of the machine are consistent.If the two sides are inconsistent,adjust the same.

Check the feeding position,if the plate runs to the left,check whether the left and right clearance of the wheel is consistent,such as inconsistent adjustment can be.

(3)The gap between the upper and lower wheels in the opposite direction can also be adjusted downward if the plate runs off-track(according to the feed plate).

(4)if the run is too large,the above(①②③)method can not be adjusted,can also pad the machine leg,such as the feed plate to the left,can be appropriate to pad the right side of the outlet height,run to the right pad on the left.

2.How to deal with the phenomenon of painting on the machine:

①Check whether there is static burr in the mold.If there is burr,repair it with oilstone.

(2)Check whether there is dust or dust rust on the mold.If there is dust and rust,remove it with gauze and then apply oil.

3.Troubleshooting of common faults in the shear parts of the machine:

(1)Burr appears at the edge of the cutting knife and the gap of the blade can be adjusted.

(2)check whether the edge of the obtuse Angle,such as obtuse Angle need to remove the blade,with a grinder can be repaired.

(3)If the knife edge does not work,check whether the hydraulic station is oiled.If there is no oiling,there is a problem with the pump head of 1 oil tank.

(4)If the oil edge of the hydraulic station does not work,check whether the cylinder leaks,and replace the apron in the cylinder if the leak occurs.

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