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Color steel press tile machine automatic and semi-automatic difference

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Features of automatic tile press:

Caigang tile press machine is divided into semi-automatic and automatic points.

Semi-automatic tile press only part of the press,that is,the press host.When it works,it needs to be used with the help of a plate shearing machine.Because there is no automatic shearing part of the semi-automatic tile press,the host can only press the tile type,but can not cut.When you shear,you can use a small foot shearing machine or hydraulic shearing machine to shear.But production is slow and costly.

According to people's production needs,now developed a new type of automatic tile press machine,the machine is easy to use,fast production,every minute can press out of the molding plate 8-10 meters.

Automatic color steel press tile machine are equipped with shear device,computer numerical control system and a counter.In the process of pressing the plate,you only need to set a good length of the plate on the numerical control system.The cutting device will automatically cut the plate according to the length of the plate you set after pressing the plate,and the counter will automatically record the number of pressing plates.Another advantage is to reduce the number of operators,only 1-2 people,can reach 4800 meters per day.Can improve the production speed and work efficiency.

So in recent years has been the color steel industry praise and trust.Nowadays,the automatic tile press is gradually replacing the semi-automatic tile press,and the use effect it brings to customers is bright.Therefore,I also recommend this good product to you,hoping to bring you better benefits.

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