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The treatment of tile press deviation

Time:2021-03-04 Author:NAI SI Cold Bending Machine Article Source:This site Click on:172次

Tile press equipment will inevitably be in the process of production of one sort or another problem,common is the problem of errors occurring in choi steel,once appear,the wandering will influence the production efficiency and product percent of pass,so we need to know how to correct these errors,after a long research,exploration,we obtained the method of adjusting the problem:If the equipment plate to the right,the need to use an iron pad to the left corner,or the right roller flat,the first axis of the deflection of the first axis of the flat,the upper roller should be consistent with the following roller,if the above flattened,the following should also be flattened,uniform and symmetrical roller is not variable.If not,the first color steel tile press machine before and after the two rows of equal four corners from the large frame to adjust the height of the upper end of the shaft,and then from a row to a row behind,find a line straightening,check whether the lower shaft is in a horizontal line,the left and right sides of the lower shaft into the level.Caigang tile equipment and a row behind a row to find a good point of symmetry,and then tighten on both sides of the lock mother,in the middle of the center of the runner before and after pulling a straight line,the clearance of the upper and lower shaft is adjusted,you can adjust the machine along the line.In fact,the remedial method of the plate deviation is the need for our long-term production and test,different deviation direction has different remedial methods,but there is a need to pay attention to whether it is a mechanical roller or other parts need to be aligned on both sides,only the alignment of the two sides can maintain symmetry,the shape of the product production will be neat.

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