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Caigang tile press tile machine to reduce the failure rate tips

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Cold-rolled steel products have a variety of properties suitable for a wide range of applications.In addition to its cold-rolled steel,it has high sag resistance and shows useful magnetic properties.It also readily accepts surface coatings such as enamel and paint.Manufacturing projects with cold-rolled steel plates range from commercial products such as household appliances and bathtubs to industrial products including electric motors,generators and transformers for automobiles.

Caigang tile press is a cold rolling steel equipment,its operation is not too complicated,because there is a computer control system,only need in the actual production process,will need their own size and data input computer can,this kind of control system will complete the production according to the relevant input,simple and convenient.The tile press should use high-number pulse input function.KDN-K306-24AR high-number input performance is excellent,and AB phase is strong anti-interference.Use the interrupt function with fixed value.

Color steel press tile machine detection parts include:detection of color steel tile length pulse encoder,pressure type up and down stroke switch,cutting knife up and down stroke switch,pressure type up and down operation button,cutting knife up and down stroke button,emergency stop switch,hydraulic start and stop switch and so on.

First,hydraulic oil circuit

The tile press should also be checked after maintenance of the hydraulic system.

1.Check the oil level of the oil tank every week.Hydraulic oil should be added when the oil level is lower than the oil window;Shall not exceed 70℃,

2.The oil temperature of the system should be between 35℃and 60℃.If the temperature is too high,it will lead to the deterioration and damage of oil quality and accessories.

3,the machine used for hydraulic oil ISOHM46 or MobilDTE25 after each work 40006000 hours after the oil should be changed,

4.The oil should be changed after the new machine works for 2000 hours.The oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed.

Two,hydraulic components

Do not use detergent;

1.Clean hydraulic components(base plate valve,motor pump,tubing,etc.)every month to prevent dirt from entering the system,and check whether there is deformation at the bending of each tubing of the tile press;

2,the new machine after a month of use,if there is abnormal should be replaced,after two months of use,should tighten the connection of all accessories,this work should be shut down,the system without pressure.


Color tile press filter should be changed or cleaned:

1.Check and clean the oil every time the oil is changed and every 3 months.

2,the air filter on the tank,try to change once a year.

3.The machine tool has related alarm or unclean oil and other filter abnormalities.

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