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Solve the paint problem of the tile press

Time:2021-03-04 Author:NAI SI Cold Bending Machine Article Source:This site Click on:139次

The bottom wheel of the tile press often delimits paint,which is a common problem for each customer in the process of use.The main reasons for this problem are as follows:

1.It is mainly related to the preliminary debugging.

2.Another reason may also lead to paint scratching on the bottom wheel,that is,the bottom wheel.

3.It may also be affected by some superfluous things.Just imagine,the bottom wheel running at high speed is shaking some irrelevant sundry things.

4.On the other hand,the narrow distance between wheels leads to excessive friction.

5,some equipment after a long time of operation,the bottom wheel of the double-layer tile press will appear loose and shake back and forth,which is the result of greater deviation.

In fact,as long as you pay attention to the protection of equipment in the process of use,you can reduce the probability of problems and avoid damage to the machine.

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