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How to maintain the Caigang tile press in winter

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How to use the tile press to be able to use for a long time,the first thing to do is to keep in mind the maintenance manual of the tile press.Every day should do what is good for the tile press we should stick to it every day.First of all,the surface of the tile press is cleaned up.The stamping process of the upper die of the machine is:by the motor through the pulley,driving the input shaft,the pinion,the big gear,driving the upper shaft,through a set of CAM mechanism to drive the sliding seat equipped with the upper die to move up and down,to achieve the tile press.The transposition of the worktable is mounted on the shaft end of the gear set,the transmission pin gear,toggle installed in the six rotary wheel on the grooves to achieve indexing and positioning,at both ends of the shaft are equipped with a CAM and installed on the same shaft and the suppression of the CAM conjugate back CAM,through the positioning rod and positioning plate to achieve the lower die in the working position of the positioning.In the left and right sides of the chassis,a lubricating pump is installed.When the machine is working,the oil pipe conveys lubricating oil to the friction moving parts.Those who know the structure,performance and operation rules of the machine are not allowed to start the machine.

It is strictly prohibited to work more than a small closing height,that is,on the bottom of the sliding box to work on all sides of the distance of 290㎜requirements on the height of the upper and lower mold mold,the upper and lower plate thickness plus the thickness of the blank,is not allowed to exceed 290㎜,the manufacturing mold should be designed according to this requirement,so as to avoid machine tool accidents.Frequently observe the height of lubricating oil in the sliding box and on both sides of the body.The equipment should be often wiped,keep clean,there is no mud and water.

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