Antique glazed tile machine

Antique glazed tile machine
Antique glazed tile machine

The antique glazed tile machine includes a forming host,a hydraulic station,a discharge frame,a forming shear,a control box,and a discharge frame.The working principle of the 820 large arc glazed tile pressing machine adopts a new hydraulic shearing system and the working principle of a gear oil pump.The system includes one hydraulic pump station,one hydraulic cylinder,two hydraulic oil pipes,and two solenoid valves.

The antique glazed tile formed by the roller die of the antique glazed tile machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance,simple and elegant,elegant and chic,and noble taste.It can be widely used in garden-style factories,tourist attractions,pavilions,hotels,villas,exhibition halls,and resorts.,Home and other buildings and outdoor decoration.

Main technical parameters of antique glazed tile machine:

Passive discharging:manual tightening,passive discharging

Load-bearing capacity of unwinding rack:4T

Frame:Welded with 250H steel

Forming machine guide feeding rack form:lateral roller type

Forming machine form:14mm wall plate chain drive

Shaft diameter:¢70mm

Chain:0.6 inch single row

Forming machine motor power:3KW reducer

Forming machine line speed:8m/min Forming machine row number:9 lines

Roll material:45#steel forged parts

Hydraulic station motor:3KW

Hydraulic station oil pump:gear pump

Cutting method hydraulic shear

Material of forming scissors:Cr12н

Shear blade heat treatment:HRC58°-60°

Rolling thickness:0.3-0.7mm

Material unfolding width:1000mm

Length sizing accuracy:±2mm

The computer adopts PLC computer operation(including frequency converter)

Computer operation panel,text screen

The unit includes:forming host,hydraulic station,unwinding rack,forming shears,control box,and discharging rack

Operation precautions of 820 glazed tile pressing machine:

1.Before use,check whether the connections are firm,whether the installation bolts and nuts are tightened,and enough lubricating oil should be added to the left and right cabinets before the machine is powered on and the machine is tested.

2.First run the empty car carefully to observe whether there is vibration,noise,whether the oil is coming from the oil window,and whether the movement of each part is coordinated,and then the mold can be installed after it is normal.

3.When installing the mold,cut off the power supply and manually move the motor belt or gear to turn the worktable and raise the slide to a higher point.Try to use an object to support between the workbench and the bottom of the slide.Falling naturally with the non-slip seat may cause an accident.

The mold used by this machine requires an upper mold and six lower molds with the same specifications and dimensions.The upper mold and a lower mold are installed first.The lower mold is directly installed on the hexagonal runner table,and the upper mold is installed on the bottom surface of the sliding seat.Place a backing plate of appropriate thickness to ensure that after the upper and lower molds are closed,the four peripheral gaps are uniform,and the distance between the upper and lower molds is equal to the thickness of the required tile.Then the upper mold shall prevail,the workbench shall be rotated,and the remaining five lower molds shall be installed.After all the upper and lower molds are installed,the drive can be carried out to press the tiles.

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