Exterior wall panel V125—750

Exterior wall panel V125—750
Exterior wall panel V125—750

Welcome to visit our website,this product is a high-speed roll forming machine.Please show us your profile drawing,product material,thickness.We have more than 20 years of R&D and production experience.We can design the machine according to your profile drawing,please leave your profile drawing and material and thickness.

The following is the technical parameters of this product:

Raw material

material spec


Thickness of coil sheet

0.3-0.8 mm

Machine details

Roller material

l   Forming rollers adopt 45# steel,.And surface of rollers is grinded,polished and hard chromium plating with high precision.To ensure the smoothness of the chamfer, reduce the friction between the plate and rollers, and reduce the damage of the paint surface of the plate.

Shaft material

Shafts of forming adopt 45# steel,after balance correction,are grinded,polished with high precision.

Stainless steel dust shield is mounted on the outside of the bearings.

Diameter of shaft


Main frame

350 H steel

Forming steps

16 rows



Hydraulic station power

5.5 KW

Controlling system

famous PLC computer control

Material of cutting table

Cr 12 mould steel with quenched treatment

Hydraulic oil

40# hydraulic oil

南宁Exterior wall panel V125—750 成都Exterior wall panel V125—750 
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